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“What is the purpose of my life?”

Have you ever pondered this question?

Have you ever felt stuck in the cycle of life and wondered, “How do I get off this carousel?”


From statistical reports in Australia, we read that mental illness has been on the rise, and is continuing to steadily climb. One such example in Australia is the rise in teenagers reporting mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression. These statistics alarmed the Australian government to the point of making a unit in Mental Health and Referral mandatory for all school chaplains. This is just one example. Another alarming concern for a number of years, has been the statistics of suicide amongst rural Australian farmers, and some intervention programs were introduced to address this. All too sadly we could go on and on…Suicide in Australia takes more lives each year than road accidents and these are the incidences where suicide is explicitly clear.

This post is not trying to solve all these problems. Rather point out the truth that people struggle to find meaning and purpose in their lives, in a world that can often feel overwhelming and all too much, for many, many people. Mental health issues are real problems due to the truth of mankind being broken since the fall of mankind. So many people struggle to find hope, true love and joy, and reason in life, when they are fed full of lies that have no solid foundation.

It is not loving to tell a human being they an immoral, evolved animal who has no purpose other than making themselves feel good and happy until they die. It is not loving to leave people struggling to cope, with no foundation for real-life problems other than popping a pill, having surgery, or donating money to a cause…Life is not about doing whatever it takes to feel happy in the moment, there is so much more. The Gospel never sells people short.

It is a post offering the reader ancient truths. Truth that nowadays has been silenced to the point of people hearing it often ask, “Why has no-one told me this before when it makes so much sense?”

You see, the truth about life has been exchanged for lies that sear the conscience, yet inflame the soul…and blind people still scratch their head and ask, “Why?”

Your purpose in life is to love and serve God…The One True God who has made Himself known through Jesus Christ. Yes, Jesus who was and is God, and who became completely a human being. Jesus Christ/Messiah (Saviour) who lived and died so that our sins could be forgiven, and so we could be reconciled to God as His children. Jesus Christ who completely died, and three days later rose to life again because the grave could not hold Him, so that whoever belongs to Him shall also pass through death into eternal life, and inherit the new earth He will create when He returns, where sin and death shall no longer be, for His followers to enjoy forever.

Yes, Your purpose in life is to love and serve God…But you will not discover how you are to do this until you fully comprehend God’s grand narrative of Salvation expressed in scripture, and the part you play in this?

This post aims to spark your interest to prayerfully dig further and discover this ancient truth about life for yourself, to work out your own salvation in fear and trembling before the great day of Jesus’ return (Philippians 2:12). We shall do this by using PURPOSE as an acronym.


p-1015544_640P=Prayer. If we want wisdom we must come humbly to the source. We need to intentionally come in quiet prayer to the Almighty Creator God, and ask in the Name of Jesus for understanding. We need to pray a prayer of repentance, acknowledging our sin and broken relationship with God and ask for forgiveness and a new beginning as His child through Jesus Christ who is the only way.


u-1027216_640U= U-Turn. The U-turn is the true definition of repentance. Repentance is not just just saying sorry and asking for forgiveness so that we continue on our same-old merry way! A U-turn prayer is the type of prayer we MUST pray to begin the journey of understanding God’s Salvation plan and His purpose for us. Repentance actually means a 180 degree turn. We begin life incomplete. We begin life as marred images of God. As we have free-will, like God, we must choose to make a U-Turn prayer of repentance. We begin life as incomplete, sinful, autonomous and rebellious human beings, with our backs towards God. We need to make a 180 degree turn to give our whole self to Him, just as a child would turn to their loving parent. The wonderful thing about God however, is that He’s perfect and so much greater than any parent, no matter how loving, could be. Making the decision to do a U-Turn in life is the beginning of wisdom and finding purpose in life!


r-1027213_640R=Reason. After we make the decision to pray a U-Turn prayer, giving our whole life to Jesus, an amazing spiritual transformation begins to take place. When we make this commitment to God and truly mean it He begins to gift to us His wisdom, enabling us to begin to see things through His eyes. For the first time we begin to see the real reason for life struggles like brokenness, illness, natural disasters, death and loss. We gain true sight to see the long-suffering love, grace and righteousness of God as our spiritual veil is removed (2 Corinthians 3:16).


p-1027211_640P=Plan. After we understand the REASON for the way things are, we are then able to comprehend God’s plan for humanity. God’s salvation plan, for His children to be reconciled to Him for eternity. His plan for sin to be dealt with once and for all. His plan for the earth and humanity to be restored to the original glory it was created and intended to be (Revelation 21:1-7). When we humble ourselves in repentance and seek The Lord’s wisdom, the Bible begins to become alive to us on a personal and mind-opening level. We can begin to understand how we fit into His overarching plan as individual members of His body. We begin to understand Christian sermons for the fist time. We begin to see God’s love and grace and how He wants to include us in His salvation work. We begin to find our PURPOSE as His child, as we understand His PLAN. We will begin to understand how as a ‘royal priesthood’ of believers we are all called to share the gospel (good news) with others (1 Peter 2:9-10). We will understand how we were made by God with a PURPOSE to fit into His salvation work when we become a true Christian. How we do this individually usually will come down to our particular talents, giftings, life journey, personality and even where we live. Yet whatever our personal passion and particular giftings, as true disciples He will empower us to share the truth of His salvation with others (Acts 1:8) – We won’t find our purpose in pursuits that just meet our own fleshly passions, or that meet our own needs or worldly interests. If we only serve our interests we are guilty of idolatry and the love of self and stuff above God. This is why scripture says to love the world is to be God’s enemy (James 4:1-10).


o-1015543_1280O=Origin. We find our purpose when we find our identity, for our purpose is entwined with identity. When we fully grasp that through Jesus we gain a new identity as a child of God – As through Jesus we are restored to our created origin we will find purpose for life. When we find our new identity in Jesus Christ, as a beloved child of God, we also find dignity. We gain a new royal, dignified identity as we understand we have been restored to the origin of man…Mankind who were at peace with God in the Garden of Eden. Understanding the origin of who we were created to be (our new dignified identity) is key to finding purpose in this age of life.


s-1027214_640S = Salvation. We find purpose when we understand Salvation and then sharing this truth with others. We need to understand that Salvation is God’s plan to make us His children for eternity, through the forgiveness of our sins, so that we can be back in His presence forever, just as it was at the beginning for Adam and Eve before they sinned. We need to understand the role that Jesus, and Jesus alone plays in this salvation work – It is only by His perfect, life sacrifice to make atonement for our sins that we can be forgiven by God and saved for eternity from being forever lost and separated from Him in hell (John 14:6). Salvation is important to understand so that we can understand our purpose to share this truth of eternal peace with God being possible now, with others.


e-1020101_640E = Eternity. We find PURPOSE when we understand salvation for eternity starts from the beginning of repentance! We are saved for a purpose, to love and serve God. To walk a life of peace with God through Jesus, and sharing this good news of eternal worth with others. We are put on mission while we are still a work in progress, so God gets the glory for the work He alone has done, is doing and is yet to do that He deserves. The question no longer becomes. “What is my purpose?” It becomes, “How can I love and serve God and share this good news?


Jesus said the Kingdom of God has come to all mankind (Mark 1:15). This means eternity starts now, we don’t have to be afraid of judgement because through Jesus and Jesus alone we will pass through judgement as He has cleansed us (John 5:24). We accept this free gift and say thank you by sharing this great news with others. Judgement will occur when Jesus comes, so who will we share life transforming news with? Who will we share this truth with so that they are set free today for the rest of eternity? We who have turned to Jesus, have nothing to be afraid of as we are the reconciled children of God, even if we are killed for our faith we will go straight to be with Jesus for we have no sin against us separating us any longer – So who will we be sharing eternity with?  Who are we taking with us to meet Jesus?

This is our purpose. This is the purpose of every child of God.

We know what this time is for. This time before Jesus returns, is for His followers to share the truth about life with others in whatever way they have been equipped to do so. This time is for His Kingdom work to continue until He returns to fully take His rightful place and all sin, the enemy and his followers are completely done away with forever.

Everyone needs to hear this good news because every person, except Jesus, has sinned.

We understand this when we understand the REASON for our brokenness – that all mankind is born separated from God because of sin – the original sin in the Garden of Eden.

After repentance (the U-TURN) – Where we come to God in our sinful state, asking His forgiveness and to make us His child through Jesus Christ and committing our whole life to Him in thanks – We have our spiritual veil removed from our eyes and begin to see God’s PLAN for humanity to redeem us back to our state of ORIGIN, as His children. We understand this is His SALVATION offered freely to all who turn to Him for ETERNITY.

When we truly grasp this wonderful good news and prayerfully repent, we begin a journey of finding our PURPOSE and how we are to live as both individuals and community members who live this life of faith and share it with others for Jesus’ Kingdom work.

Melanie & Richard.

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