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Need a new scriptural study for personal growth or a small group?

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Read below for an overview and links:

1. Spiritual Food Series: A short five post study, looking at the importance of what we allow ourselves to ‘consume’ as Christians as we live to faithfully follow Christ in a world that tries so often to lead us astray.

Post 1: Becoming What We Eat

Post 2: Taste & See

Post 3: Artificial Preservatives

Post 4: Spiritual Detoxing 

Post 5: The Lord’s Table

2. Spiritual Fruit Series: Our current series looking in detail at all the fruits of The Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5: 22-23. This series is great for a longer study period. It would work well as a group Lenten study, or gently over a 10-12 weeks.

Post 1: Overview

Post 2: Love ~ Part A

Post 3: Love ~ Part B

Post 4: Joy

Post 5: Peace ~ Part A

Post 6: Peace ~ Part B