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What you can expect from ‘Study Scripture Today’ and what you should know…

‘Study Scripture Today’ is a new website with continuing content being written and uploaded, with the aim of strengthening Christians in their faith in Jesus through biblical based studies, and to also help people seeking to know more about the bible and Christianity through personal study.

About the content writers ~ Melanie Symes holds an ACT (Australian College of Theology) degree in  Ministry/Theology and is also an accredited chaplain.

Richard Symes has been an elder and lay preacher for many years, having been a Christian his whole life and continues to serve his local church in various ministries from men’s groups to youth group along with Melanie.

Richard and Melanie both hold to the doctrines of Sola-Scriptura, the Trinity, original sin and the fall of mankind, and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. They are a bible believing, creationist-conservative, evangelical couple with three sons…and while this list could go on and on, they think this should be enough for readers to understand where they sit theologically, and the worldview from which they write.

This site hyperlinks to Bible Gateway for ease of online study. Richard and Melanie have chosen to also to set the site’s hyperlinking to the NLT (New Living Translation) English version, also simply for ease of online study, as it is quite an easy to understand translation. This site does not want to push Bible Gateway or the NLT translation onto users, and receives no money from either. So please feel free to study along with the site’s posts using your own preferred translation!

Well, why not scroll back up to the ‘Study Posts’ tab in our menu, and check out some of the studies?

To conclude, please feel free to use these studies personally and in groups. ‘Study Scripture Today’ does not ask for any money in return, however please be respectful and acknowledge the site and writers when using the studies with others.